Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Cold Indifference

To start, they show a gruesome sight:
Two brothers beaten black and blue,
And next, a soldier killed in war,
And after this, disaster too,
A pain, a hurt, a wound, the gore;
In but a flash we see their plight.

The images of blitz are shown
Within a realm of bliss. Will men
In distant countries choose to show
A happy scene? Or yet again
Will every reel be filled with woe?
These empty men have slowly grown

Accustomed to such dark delights.
A thousand lives in but a thought,
The trifling, petty final breath
Reduced by news to almost nought.
The everlasting pains of death
Are scorned by separated minds.

Such huge events to trivialise;
Such gravities belittled!

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