Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Northampton Clown (The Oundle Chronicle)

The Northampton Clown is becoming a well-known face around Northants, and is now a rather controversial topic. With over 160,000 likes on Facebook, he has been spotted in various streets (Elm Street included) throughout Northampton, and has provoked a number of varying responses. In fact, the clown is now world famous, and has been featured on news stations in countries all over the world.
In an interview with The Northampton Chronicle and Echo he explained that he was 298 and that he awakes every 30 years. Clearly he thinks himself to be a rather witty man.
Would you be scared if you bumped in to a Stephen King-esque clown skulking around darkened alleys? One Oundle resident told me that he would find the experience ‘blood-curdling’. In fact, the Northampton Clown (who remains nameless) disclosed that he has received over 1000 death-messages from frightened Northampton residents. However the clown continues to claim that it is just “a bit of harmless fun”. It would seem that some people do not agree.
The clown is one of the oldest professions to survive to the modern day. Clowns were first recorded in the fifth dynasty of ancient Egypt, but that is not where the word comes from. In fact, the word “clown” stems from a Scandinavian linguistic root meaning “clumsy”.
It is quite common for people to have a fear of clowns, technically known as coulrophobia. In fact, studies have showed that children find clown motifs “frightening and unknowable”.
The recurring reason for being scared of clowns is their mask. People of all ages have coulrophobia because there could be anybody behind the paint or the mask, and they are not always the smiley, jolly people they seem. People often blame films such as It or Saw for causing this peculiar fear of clowns, who used to represent laughter and enjoyment.
There have been many rather sinister claims on Facebook, and a number of people insist that The Northampton Clown was seen holding a knife, and therefore posing a real threat to residents. One resident even claimed that he offered to paint their windowsills, despite not having any painting utensils whatsoever. All of these claims have been denied profusely.
The Northampton Clown has certainly caused a lot of controversy, but not as much as The Mirror’s unmasking of his identity. Hundreds of fans began objected to the “inconsiderate media”, complaining that the fun of The Northampton Clown was its mystery, and that this had been ruined.
I won’t reveal the true identity of the clown for those of you lucky enough to not know yet, just in case he does make an appearance in our little market town.

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