Monday, 14 October 2013

About My Blog

I started my blog in February 2010, after my mother insisted that I post my poetry somewhere. This was because, when I was 12, I was highly commended in a school poetry competition (the award being a master class with Andrew Motion, which, they told me, would be wasted on a twelve year old, and so I was excluded), and had started writing little bits of free verse (which, I can assure you, weren’t very good). And so in 2010 I posted three poems on my blog, which was originally called (embarrassingly) ‘Teen Poetry’, and didn’t look at it again until 2012 – in fact I had completely forgotten its existence. However, when I realised how many poems I had written over the two years, I decided to put it all on my blog, which I renamed ‘Tom Bailey’s Blog’, which it is called to this day.

And so in 2012 I posted about 10 poems, alongside a couple of blogs about things that interested me (Synaesthesia, a play review etc.). I only really began to cultivate my interest in writing this time last year, when I joined the local newspaper and wrote my first article for the school magazine. It was also then that I decided that I wanted to be a journalist, and since then I have been pretty set on that goal. And so in December 2012 I posted all of my articles for The Oundle Chronicle, which received some good reception, and then began posting every bit of writing I did – this included creative writing from English lessons, poems, and even my own Latin translations!

Up until March this year, I rarely wrote anything specifically for my blog, and I only started doing this after I attended a lecture at school by Bauer Media. They put a huge amount of stress on the importance of writing, and particularly blogging, in your free time, if you wanted to become a journalist. And it was after that that I started writing almost daily for a month or two – until, sadly, I was impeded by those terrible things called GCSEs. One of my blogs from this period was featured on the NoMorePage3 campaign page, which felt great, and I got a lot of positive feedback from this. Furthermore, all of my family began reading my blog, and this is also when I began posting it onto Facebook for my friends to see.

As I said earlier, I barely wrote anything while I was revising for my GCSEs, and only reinitiated my blogging in July. It was then that I made my Facebook page, which now has 640 likes, and my Twitter profile, and also when I started interviewing interesting people I knew for blogs.

However, while I was doing all this, and writing all these blogs, I had slowly stopped writing poetry, and I think I got rather bored of it. It was only when my English teacher set us the assignment of writing a Shakespearean sonnet that I really started writing poetry again, and learnt of the joys of iambic pentameters etc. Since then, I have begun to dislike my old free verse poetry, and all the poetry I write now has a fixed metre, which I much prefer.

Nowadays I try to write a blog or a poem every day, mainly in the hope of improving my writing, and also in the hope that some people are actually interested in what I have to say, although I often doubt that. But with sixth-form work looming over me, I have less and less time to actually write. I often find myself in bed on my laptop, late at night, trying to piece together a poem, or otherwise to finish my C1 Maths prep. Anyway, I hope that you have enjoyed reading all of my blog posts, and don’t get annoyed by my constant posting – and if you do, I’m not going to stop!