Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Threat of Terrophobia

Many governments, despite how democratic and just they claim to be, want their citizens to be ‘scared’. Governments have used fear as a method of control for hundreds of years, and it is, and has proved to be, extremely successful.

In February 1933 a communist, Marinus van der Lubbe, was convicted of burning down the Reichstag, the Parliament building of Weimay Germany. Adolf Hitler used this fire to pass the ‘Decree for the Protection of the People and the State’. This took away the basic rights of the German people, allowing Hitler’s police to search houses and make arrests freely.

The people supported Hitler for one reason: fear. They were scared of the Communist party, who were seen as enemies of the state. Why? One of them had just burnt down The Reichstag! (Or so they were told). Propaganda was used to increase this hatred, and so the citizens granted Adolf Hitler more and more power, and gave him more support, helping him to set up his dictatorship

And almost 70 years later, on September the 11th, two planes hit the Twin Towers. The American Government blamed al-Quaeda and their leader Osama bin Laden, who took credit for the atrocities.

However this has raised much speculation and a number of conspiracy theories have emerged. Why did the towers fall from the bottom? Why were traces of explosives found in the foundations? Why did WTC7 blow up, even though no plane or debris hit it? If it was due to explosives, how did these ‘terrorists’ plant explosives in a building, which housed part of the United States Secret Service? And why did Barry Jennings, a witness, claim he heard explosions when inside the building? It just doesn’t add up.

And just as Hitler used the Reichstag fire to destroy the Communist Party and take full control, Bush used 9/11 to instigate his War on Terror with the full support of the American people. Now I don’t know whether 9/11 was a government scheme so that they could invade Iraq, but there is strong evidence to support this claim.

The citizens of America now live in fear of the false threat of Terrorism, and this is known as Terrophobia, a method of control. They feel threatened, and so look to a figure of authority to look after them, and so giving them yet more authority.

Of course the 9/11 attacks changed the world forever as we entered into the new ‘age of terror’. However that was not the first time the American government instilled fear into it’s people to gain power and support against a certain enemy. Propaganda was used to increase fear of the Japanese who were described as ‘un-human’, and the threat they imposed was exaggerated. Is this not again reminiscent of Hitler’s treatment of the Jews? This eventually led to the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan, which were supported by the majority of the American people – they wanted the false threat to be destroyed.

And of course during the Cold War the danger of the spread of Communism was greatly amplified by Reagan and other Presidents. They inspired fear of Communism in order to not only gain support for the Cold War, but they also hoped that it would destroy Communist movement in North America at the time.

There is a danger that Terrophobia will grow more and more prominent in the UK and other parts of Europe. After the murder of Lee Rigby there was a huge rise in membership of the EDL (the English Defence League). Just because two Muslim men murdered one man, does this mean all Muslims ought to leave the country? No. There are religions, and there are religious extremists – I urge you to make the distinction between the two.

It is not terrorism we need to worry about, it's terrophobia. 

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