Friday, 19 July 2013

Just a Little Complaint

Heathrow. Terminal 5. Seven in the morning. I’m going on holiday, and of course, I want to be able to bring my camera and take some nice photos. Stupidly (and I take full responsibility for this) I left my camera-charger at home. So I thought:
“I know, I’ll buy one at the airport.” So where do I go? Dixons. If you don’t already know, Dixons is an electrical appliance store often found in airports, where you can find hundreds of young kids amazing at the new gadgets.

After scouring the shelves for a few minutes, I was unable to locate a Canon charger. Therefore, in my desperation, I asked one of the shop assistants if they had any, and she went and looked. Annoyed that she had no trust in my searching-skills, I was unsurprised when she came back empty handed. She checked the computer, and told me there were some in the stocks downstairs. Assuring me that she would be back speedily (my flight was boarding), she sauntered off downstairs.

Dad began to get stressed (typically). I had gotten up extremely early, so even I was beginning to grow agitated. After almost twenty minutes, she appeared with a handful of boxes, and she handed me one, took my money, and I ran off for our flight. Just my luck, the charger didn’t fit my battery. So not only did I waste £35 on a useless charger, but also, I almost missed my flight. I have no grudge against Dixons, but this is a warning to all: beware of the lady who works in Dixons, Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport.

I am tempted to send a complaint letter to Dixons, in the hope that they compensate me for the forty odd quid I wasted. Of course I should have checked the charger, but I had no time, and she assured me it was compatible – perhaps not. Maybe I'm overreacting and being a 'typical grumpy teenager', but it's still bloody annoying.


  1. Can't you just take it back on your return and get your cash back?

  2. Sadly not. We are flying to Gatwick, and as we were in such a hurry, not sure what happened to the receipt!