Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Things That I Detest: Trends

Trends. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with things that trend, I just hate them once they become trends. What do I mean by that? I am talking about Gangnam Style, Thrift Shop and the newest one, and possibly the most annoying (and ridiculous) The Harlem Shake. I don’t think anybody even knows what a Harlem is? I don’t even know! Well… now I do, because I just looked it up: apparently it is a district of Manhattan…? Is anybody else confused? Are these people from ‘Harlem’ famous for dancing like complete idiots? I am not sure. Apparently this district in Manhattan is named after a place in the Netherlands called ‘Haarlem’ which makes a little more sense, as the original Harlem Shake was supposedly made by the Netherlands’ army.

I’m not saying that these videos all over Twitter or Facebook aren’t funny (some of them are hilarious) but it becomes annoying when everybody has made their own version, and you don’t hear the end of it. I hope I don’t sound like an American cheerleader when I say this, but: it’s sooooooooo last year.  The worst thing about it is that adults find out about these trends about three weeks after they have been hit on the head, thus explaining why Gangnam Style was in the charts for such a long time.

One more thing I hate about them is that they ruin something that is good. I liked Macklemore’s song Thrift Shop until someone on my corridor played it about a thousand times. He really killed it for me, as with many songs that go to number 1 in the charts. And I am not saying that I never kill songs by repeatedly playing them, but I don’t like chart music, so I don’t kill the same songs that have been killed all over the world. Hint-hint. Stop playing Thrift Shop. Due to this, I now hate all three of the above trends, even though they are not loathsome things. In fact they are all perfectly good or funny things (although ridiculous); it’s just the religious proclaim they receive that gets on my nerves.

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