Monday, 11 March 2013

Things That I Detest: 'Turbo Whistles'

If you want to make it obvious that you have a small penis, the best way to do it is to install a Turbo Whistle to your car. Then all of your friends will know how ‘undersized’ you are. Because when you drive around in your Volkswagen Rabbit at 20mph and your car sounds like a Ferrari – something’s up. A Turbo Whistle is a small device which is easily attached to the exhaust of one’s car, encouraging it to imitate the sound made by a Turbo Charger. Wait... Here’s the good part – it doesn’t affect the speed or look of your car WHATSOEVER! But it does affect the way everybody looks at you and automatically thinks: ‘Tw*t!’
All the Turbo Whistle does is create an excruciatingly uncomfortable roaring sound when one pushes down on their acceleration. So why do people get them? A number of ‘youths’ enjoy Turbo Whistles because they make their cars seem faster, cooler, or better than those of their companions. In my mind, they are one of the most aggravating, pointless and monotonous fads ever.

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