Thursday, 28 March 2013

Things That I Detest - GCSEs

GCSEs are the worst. When we are so young, we are put under unbelievable amounts of pressure to do well, and we are told that ‘these exams are going to change our lives’; they are not to be underestimated! The worst part is how concentrated they are – I have 22 exams in about a month and a half! That’s an exam almost every other day! And to make matters worse, we have a three week’s holiday beforehand, in which we are expected to, instead of relaxing, revise for at least four hours a day! I know I go to a public school and we are all expected to work very hard, but it’s a bit extreme when the Head of Academic Studies tells everybody that they should revise ‘for at least a hundred hours this holiday’… Is anybody else finding it hard to cope?

Likewise, I have to spend almost an hour attempting to learn my Latin and Greek Set Texts (we are meant to be able to translate up to 60 pages of original Latin or Greek into English) every day! Imagine that – 60 pages of pure ANCIENT foreign language! My Easter Holiday is going to be rather less eventful and enjoyable than last years – how exciting!

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