Monday, 18 March 2013

Things That I Detest: Chart Music

I have a strong hatred towards chart music – by chart music I mean the main stream of mainstream (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Enrique Iglesias). They are just the most annoying and repetitive artists that there has ever been. Their music is incredibly monotonous and predictable, and to be harsh, every single song sounds identical. Their lyrics have absolutely no originality or meaning whatsoever. I know I sound like one of those people who try and be really ‘indie’ and hate whatever is mainstream, and say stuff like “I knew them before they were mainstream.” Don’t worry – I hate those people too!

Truthfully, a five-year-old boy could write a better song than Rihanna can. All of their music is done electronically and uses AutoTune, and rarely do they ever use any real instruments. And for some strange reason, they are the some of the most famous and rich people in the world – what’s going on?! Their lyrics are all about random stuff that has no relevance to them, or anyone else for that matter – they just put it in their music because they think it sounds good, or their fans will think it’s ‘cool’. Well it’s not; all of their songs are boring and have no meaning.

Take this for example: Bruno Mars, in his song Grenade says: “I’d throw my hand on a blade for ya…” Can somebody please tell me how you throw your hand onto a blade? And why the hell would you want to do it? Surely that would just hurt and be really rather messy… Bruno, go home! Go write some real lyrics that actually make some sense!

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